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20 Best Freeware and Shareware for
Windows 95





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You know, I spend a lot of time looking for free software. I've found that you can usually find fantastic free software that's often better than retail-ware or shareware, if you look hard enough. Eventually I figured, Hey, why not share the wealth?

So here they are, folks, the best freeware and nonagged shareware on the entire web.  Download and enjoy, eh?

P.S. If the links are bad, you can try looking for it in the FTP search engine page. But please let me know of the bad link so I can fix it!

Norton AntiVirus (2.2 M)
by Symantec

This is the first program you should get.  This is a fully working copy of Symantec's great software.  For some reason, they don't have it on their site anymore, but it's free and legal!  P.S. don't apply any patches to this version cuz they won't work!
You should make sure you keep up with the virus updates, though. Get the updates here.

McAfee VirusScan (1.1 M)
by McAfee

This isn't freeware, but a no-nagged shareware.  Its advantage over Norton Antivirus is that it sits in your tray all the time, continuously monitoring.  Make sure you get one of these two programs, pronto.

SpammerSlammer® v1.1B1
by Now! Internet Tools

NO MORE SPAM! It's absolutely 100% FREE! Installs in under a minute Autoconfigures and AutoStarts Eudora and Netscape mail Seamlessly integrates with any POP3 e-mail software Works for multiple accounts on the same machine NO blacklist, huge domain lists, or spammer list to maintain Highly extensive customized filter settings NO configuration from your Internet provider required Spam Rules are automatically updated when SpammerSlammer is started!

Pagoo 1.2 (578 Kb)
by Pagoo

This is a fantastic idea, except their line is always busy.

"Pagoo is a new revolutionary way to communicate between you and your friends. Pagoo is a FREE unique service that delivers phone calls to user's desktop while they are on-line. Is it always impossible for your friends to contact you because your phone line is always busy? You are browsing the web too much!

"Now, they can call the toll free number (1-888-PAGOO-44) using any phone and leave a message that you will receive directly on your desktop a few seconds later. They can leave you a voice mail or a numeric message just like a pager. That's the pagoo system!"

Registry Saver v.1.1 and Registry Saver Utility
By Charlie Culver, Webersoft

There are two kinds of computer users in this world.  Those who have a corrupted registry file and those who will.  This is a fantastic insurance for your registry--it will automatically back up your registry file at boot-up, allowing you to recover it later.  The utility progra this allows you to uninstall and change the frequency of registry saver. Get them!

Screen Print
by Provtech

Tiny but invaluable utility.  It actually makes your "Print Scrn" button on your keyboard useful.  You can print your screen with a touch of a button.  You can even specify the area and landscape or portrait modes if you want.  The above version requires Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime.  You can  also download a version that includes the VB Runtime.

DX-BALL (596 K)
by Michael Welch

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about Pong, Breakout, Arkanoid, and every other 'break the brick' clone out there. DX-BALL delivers hard hitting arcade action once only possible on other gaming platforms. This game DELIVERS the exciting and addictive gameplay PC gamers have wanted for a long time. The best part is that it is FREE!

Cryptext v2.51
by Nick Payne

Cryptext shell extension that performs strong file encryption using a 160-bit key!  Very fast, VERY secure, and very easy to use.  Just right click on the file or directory (yes, it will encrypt entire directories) and select encrypt or decrypt.  That's all there is to it!

MTU Speed 3.08 (1.5 K)
by Mike Sutherland

This will speed up your internet connection by resetting certain voodoo settings in your registry.  Somehow it works, and really makes a huge difference for some people.  Back up your registry before you use this!!

FTP Explorer
by Alan Chavis

Can you say professional quality for $0?  This program will  resume interrupted downloads!!  It will also keep on retrying busy ftp sites, and will download /upload in the background so you can move onto the next server!  Best of all, it has a Windows Explorer like interface--just drag and drop it!  Free for educational or home use!

by RTV Software

This will automatically press dialog buttons for you, which can be areal time saver!  It's particularly useful for getting rid of those nagging screens on shareware.

Rick’s Planet Archive Manager (878K)
by Richard J. Mentecky

Thisis a Freeware archive manager that provides the basic necessities of packing and unpacking ZIP files.  It is completely free, and has a great, easy to use interface!

Rick's PlanetView 4.0 (1.1 M)
by Richard J. Mentecky

Another great FREEWARE from Rick.  This image viewer will handle GIF, JIF, JPG, BMP, TGA, DIB, RLE and PCX; it will convert between all of them, has TWAIN Image Capture, a VCR style interface - play GIF files just like AVI and other movie files. Play, stop, step, fast forward and reverse ! are all supported.

IrfanView (265K)
by Irfan Skiljan

Another excellent freeware image viewer.  Handles animated GIF's, has drag and drop, and handles BMP, DIB, RLE, JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIF, TGS, RAS, ICO, AVI, WMF, EMF, IFF, PBM, PGM, PPM, PCD.  What else could you want?  Free for non-commercial use.

Web Ferret
by FerretSoft

What can I say?  This little program will blaze through a slew of search engines and seek out all the sites you're looking for.  A real time saver.  Get it.  You won't regret it!

Liberty BASIC v.1.4 (1.2 M)
by Carl Gundel

The easiest way to program in Windows!!  All you need to know is simple BASIC, and this progarm will let you start pounding out code that can do just about anything you want.

Eudora Light (5M)
by Qualcomm

Simply put, the best freeware email client out there.  You can also download the manual (700K in pdf).

FontLister v2.0 (200 K)
by Conquerware

Got a lot of fonts? Would you like a quick (and free) way to see them -- even the ones that aren't installed? Then take a look at FontLister, a good-looking freeware utility that no Windows font fanatic should be without. It lets you print and view samples of all your typefaces (including TrueType, Type 1, and screen fonts).

You can print three different types of samples of every font or just the ones you need hard copies of. A toolbar lets you quickly change the font's attributes and size, plus you can adjust the background and foreground colors. In this new version, FontLister lets you delete and install TrueType fonts, gives you more-detailed information on each font, and sports several interface and printing enhancements. With this update, FontLister becomes a true must-have for all font lovers. Download and enjoy!

Whisper 32 (422 Kb)
by Shaun Ivory

Have too many passwords?  Don't know how to track them?  This is a cute password utility from Shaun Ivory that uses a private key algorithm to securely store all of your passwords.

Bedtris 2.0 (353Kb)
by Bedsoft

Tetris clone with two players, points and agressive mode, customisable controls, sound, music.

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